About Us

Black Ice was founded on 25th October 2010 by Carl who has over 30 years in the Air Conditioning and the Refrigeration Trade.

I am experienced in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, transport refrigeration, car air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and pool heat pumps.

Some common spare parts are held in stock, but due to the large amount of parts that are in equipment these days many do have to ordered.

I also have the only refrigerant recycling machine in the Channel Islands and can also flush out existing pipe work on site so it can be reused for a system replacement, please check out Fri3oil Machine for more information.

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Over the years in the trade I have been involved in the airport departures building, the restaurants down on the water front, and many small shops in St Helier as well as beach cafes.


Our Engineers are members of and have the following qualifications.

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